Mac Harshberger
terra cotta, 10 x 4 x 4 inches
Cast, at Last

In 1973, two years before his death, I visited my cousin, the artist Mac Harshberger, in Weston, Connecticut, where he retired after long residence in New York. In his studio was a small sculpture of an elegant stylized female torso. It had been modeled in clay and cast in plaster. This was the plaster cast which was intended to be cast in bronze. Since doing so was beyond his means, Mac requested that I, as beneficiary of his artistic estate, supervise the casting of the sculpture in bronze if I ever gained enough from sales of other items in the estate to do so.

In 2001, I had found the sculptor, Joey Towner of Los Angeles, and had the means to carry out Mac's wishes. Towner engaged the American Fine Arts Foundry of Burbank, to cast two bronze versions of the torso. In addition, Towner, a skilled worker in terra cotta, created an edition of eight in terra cotta.

One bronze is in the collection of the Wolfsonian Museum of Miami, Florida; the other is in the collection of the Honolulu Academy of Art. Both institutions also hold other works by the artist, as does the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

-- William W. Whitney

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